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Do You Know Your Vital Signs?

September 30, 2021 Episode 169
Do You Know Your Vital Signs?
Men Made for More Podcast
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Men Made for More Podcast
Do You Know Your Vital Signs?
Sep 30, 2021 Episode 169

While most men get stuck in the weeds when it comes to trying to make their vision a reality, you have to first know where you are today before you start planning out the course. Do you know where your current life and business vital signs are right now today? Once you get a pulse on where you’re at, you can determine how much capacity you have to fuel the flame of your vision.

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While most men get stuck in the weeds when it comes to trying to make their vision a reality, you have to first know where you are today before you start planning out the course. Do you know where your current life and business vital signs are right now today? Once you get a pulse on where you’re at, you can determine how much capacity you have to fuel the flame of your vision.

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Men Made For More Podcast Episode 169: Do You Know Your Vital Signs

[00:00:00] Dave: Hey there mighty men. I'm your host, Dr. Dave Paczkowski founder of men made for more coaching. Our business helps husbands love up there. The leadership and their legacy in marriage and in business, the purpose of this podcast is to bring together like-minded men that feel destined for big things in their life to provide you the resources and community that you need to lead yourself, your family and your business.

[00:00:26] If you've ever felt overwhelmed, frustrated, lost, or alone on your journey to a better and more purposeful life, you're in the right. You weren't designed to be average. So it's time to quit living that way today. I'm giving you permission to unlock your true potential and step into all that you were made for. What's up champions. Hope everyone's having a great day, great week. And just excited to have you back here for another episode on the men made for more podcasts. I appreciate you guys joining and appreciate you guys willing to learn willing to [00:01:00] level up, uh, love being able to pour into whoever's listening.

[00:01:03] Whoever's, uh, willing to, uh, just better their lives, little by little week by week. That's why I do these episodes weekly. Is this. Ongoing thing. It's not a destination that we just hit and are there, but something that we have to continue to be, re-evaluating making small tweaks, but actually applying the things.

[00:01:19] That's what we talk about at the end of each of these episodes, make sure that you are applying what you're learning. It's not enough to just listen and just feel good for. For the course of 15, 20 minutes, however long the episodes are. Uh, but making sure that you're actually applying it and using it in your life and what we're going to be talking about today, uh, that you guys will have a chance to apply.

[00:01:38] This is going to be more of a very tactical episode in terms of wants you to have practical takeaways that you can take, that you can use to implement, to make sure that you are. Uh, evaluating where you're at specifically, uh, with, with this episode, we're talking about our vital signs and we're not necessarily talking about vital signs as it relates to your actual [00:02:00] heart rate, blood pressure, those types of vital signs, but your business and your life vital signs, some of these things that you have to be evaluating to know.

[00:02:07] Where you're at. And if you ever, if you ever have taken a CPR class or, uh, anything been involved with any first aid paramedic type stuff, then you'll know that when you get to the scene, if you're, if you're, if you find someone you need to know what are their vital signs you get to the hospital, they want to.

[00:02:23] They plug in all the monitors and stuff that went into, what are your vital signs? What are the basic things that are, uh, give a good indicator of where you're at? Do they tell the whole picture? No, absolutely not. They don't, they don't give you the whole picture. If you're just looking at heart rate and blood pressure and respiratory rate and those things, but they do tell you very important details that if one of those is very far off, then that's going to greatly impact the plan of attack.

[00:02:47] If, if one is way out of balance, then. That's a red flag, a big indicator that, Hey, we need to change. We need to do something now, change directions. And while this might not feel as [00:03:00] urgent, uh, I think when we do this, we need to take it with a, uh, a sense of urgency of, as we look through these different areas, these different business and life vital signs, do we need more?

[00:03:10] Urgency is one of these. So out of balance that it's causing. Other things too, you know, other things to affect us. And as I talk more into this, it'll, it'll make much more sense. So essentially what our vital signs we're looking at. Is across different areas where we're spending a lot of time. And usually this is more business.

[00:03:29] Work-related where we're spending a lot of time. What are our vital signs? So for example, if you maybe you're, you know, maybe you're currently employed full-time by, by an employer, but you also have the side hustle business that you're starting. Those would be two major things. Maybe you also have a, uh, maybe you do some, some volunteer work or some other things too, can be another category.

[00:03:50] And you're going to have these different. Categories or these different bubbles that you can, you know, you can write these out on a page and you want to look at all these things where you're spending [00:04:00] a lot of time and or energy. And if we look at these things, like in our case, uh, for, you know, for us, the, a couple of the main things we have is we have our physical therapy business, our local, uh, local practice in Carlsbad or physical therapy business.

[00:04:14] That is a major. Time and energy bucket. We also have also have men made from our coaching, our coaching business, with one-on-one coaching, with a group style coaching and a mastermind group. That's, uh, that's coming soon for, uh, just more so for that, the local people here in San Diego as well, but looking to expand that, uh, eventually to, to be able to help reach more people, but in these different things, there's, there's two main categories.

[00:04:39] And then. We might have other areas, too, if depending on what you do, if you, if you volunteer with, with your spouse or, uh, where we're involved at our church can be another category that might be taking up a lot of time and you want to separate these into separate buckets. And then what you're going to do for each one of these things that is taking up time, that is taking up energy that is taking that, taken [00:05:00] up, these things you want to evaluate.

[00:05:01] So this is your vital signs you're evaluating. Where am I at on these different on these different. And there's four main categories that are going to look at how much money is this bringing in? How much time is it taking? How much impact am I having by it? And how passionate am I about it? Those are the four things you want to look for.

[00:05:20] Anything that you determined to be these, these major buckets. And, uh, maybe if you're, if you have a big role, even just with raising the kids, are you doing. I stayed home stuff with, you know, the change of schooling and everything that's going on there that might be a bucket for you. If something that is going to have to be on your vital signs, that's something that, uh, is taking a lot of, uh, involving a lot of energy and anything that's required energy.

[00:05:43] We only have a finite amount of that to, uh, to give around. You know, I talk a lot about time managing time versus managing energy. And I think managing energy is far more important than managing your time alone. So as you look at these different things, maybe you have one category, maybe it's, well, hopefully have more than one that you're [00:06:00] involved in.

[00:06:00] Hopefully it's not just not just work or anything. You'll probably have at least two, you know, two to four is probably is probably reasonable, but, uh, this, this is going to look vastly different from person to person. Uh, to recap, think, I think the buckets as if you have a full-time job or if you're employee, that's definitely going to be one.

[00:06:18] If you have a business, that's definitely gonna be one. If you have Def different subsets of that business, which required different you to put on different hats, uh, different, you know, different markets, you might be going to different product lines within that you can get, as you can get as dialed in or as broad as you want, but you want to have usually at least two to two to four of these things that are your major energy things.

[00:06:38] And then for each one, You're going to list on a scale of one to 10, I guess you can do zero to 10 scene. You might not be making, making any money in some of these things, a zero to 10 of starting with financially, where does this rank financially for me, but number zero to 10, zero to 10. How much time is this taking out of my day out of my week, [00:07:00] put a number on that.

[00:07:01] You want to look at impact what kind of impact. Am I having, or could I possibly have with this? What potential do I see for the impact that I can have? And lastly, passion, how passionate am I about this? Now, what you see is you lay out these vital signs is this is where it gets interesting as you step back and as you identify these things, these different buckets that you have, you're going to see.

[00:07:24] Wow, that one is making the majority of the money for us, but this one is taking the majority of the time. This is the one I'm most passionate about. And when you can step back and you look at these numbers listed out for each one of those. You'll start to get a, uh, a general overview of where you're at right now.

[00:07:41] And where, where are you spending the most time? Where, what is making the most money for you and how can you start to flip some of these things? So if you, you might find something where man, I'm super, I'm super passionate about this thing. And I think I can have a incredible impact on people with this, but I can't.

[00:07:56] Invest the time into it because I can't invest the time into it. It's not bringing [00:08:00] in any money right now. So then you're going to look at those other buckets and say, well, where am I investing a lot of time? Is there ways that I can maybe cut some time back and still maintain the money that I need for that?

[00:08:10] Or will that time that I cut back from that end up leading to more revenue elsewhere. If you're stepping, if you're going from maybe a full-time job to, Hey, I want to cut my hours back and make more time for the side hustle. And making more time for that side house. So generates more money and eventually has more impact.

[00:08:26] And that's going to be one of those changes you're going to want to start to make. But for some of us, this is just putting, putting the actual numbers and putting a visual, which can help a lot of people. A lot of the clients I work with it's we like having visuals. We like seeing things and actually seeing it on paper versus just bouncing around in our head.

[00:08:42] It can get very overwhelming. So when you put this down on paper, you can say, wow, where am I out of balance? Where am I where my vital signs office is where. Where I'm at today. Where am I? Where am I maybe struggling in terms of man, I'm spending a lot of time and making a lot of money in this job, but it has [00:09:00] to impact out of 10.

[00:09:01] And it's a one out of 10 passion. I don't know about you guys, but that's not a, that's not a life I want to be living. That's a something that I chose early on. I put my foot in the, I put my foot in the ground very early on and drew a line in the sand and saying, I'm not going to do things that aren't kingdom impact.

[00:09:18] I'm not going to do things that aren't doing, what God has called me to do. And that's that causes some other things to be out of balance early on a lot of time. And a little money is, is, uh, not a good recipe for a low stress life, but you have to look at what's, uh, what's your comfort level is, and some people need a little.

[00:09:36] You know, security from the financial side, some people are fine, you know, cutting that down and being able to pursue something that, that has more impact that has more purpose behind it. So you're going to have to look at these things and look it up what all those buckets are and then determine, okay. I only have a finite amount of time.

[00:09:51] I only have a finite amount of energy. What switches do I need to make? And before you go out and burn the boats, although. There might be one person listening. [00:10:00] That's like, yes, that's what I'm doing. I'm cutting all the ties and burning the boats and going all in. If that's your personality, go for it. But for most people, this might just mean, okay, where can I not eat?

[00:10:09] Like next week? Not even the next week or next month, I might not even be able to make a change, but looking, looking four weeks out, what's a, what's a shift in my schedule and an energy. Where can I, what can I reallocate time? Where can I reallocate focus to make these things that are so high on my.

[00:10:25] Impact number. So how am I, my purpose number, my passion number. And then how can I put more time into that? And that's really what this is doing is, is re-evaluating where your priorities are because I've talked to so many guys that they have this they're like, man, I've been wanting to start a business for a while.

[00:10:40] I've had this dream to do this, but. I just can't get on my job right now, the benefits and the pay and this and that. And I'm not saying to cut ties completely, but there is a way to, to re reallocate where you're spending time, where you're spending that energy. And, uh, that's a, that's a lot of our focus for, especially for newer entrepreneurs I work with of, okay.

[00:10:59] [00:11:00] How. How do I even juggle all this time? Where do I, where do I find structure in, in the schedule? Where should I be putting my time for the highest impact activities, the ones that bring the most ROI in business, but also are ones that I love doing. Where can I delegate the things that I don't, and that can be a tough thing to, to navigate over time.

[00:11:18] It's not something that happens overnight, but the purpose of these vital signs is just to see if there's a, maybe. Change that needs to be made and major change doesn't mean that it has to happen tomorrow, but a major change is if you are stuck in the same job that isn't, life-giving that, isn't what you feel like you're meant to be doing.

[00:11:35] Something's got to change. You got to find a way to at least. Turn that idea into a side hustle. It turned that side hustle into your main thing. Scale. That main thing, it is something that can impact so many people. So that's what I want you guys to start thinking about this exercise. Again, categorize the different buckets you have and then rank them on financial time impact and passion.

[00:11:59] And a couple of [00:12:00] the, uh, just to wrap up here. A couple of the verses that came to me too, is I. Um, praying on this episode and just, uh, trying to see where, but I felt that God wanted me to take it. And, uh, the two verses that actually came to mind, both involve heart and funny that, uh, they both involve heart with.

[00:12:17] Our vital signs specifically, but the first one in Proverbs 16, nine, it says a man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps. And this is something that as we look at, you know, we can, we can have the vision and the visions important to, to make sure we know where we're going, but these vital signs bring clarity to where our capacity is.

[00:12:35] Where's our capacity out of alignment with, with what we're doing. And we can, we can plan our way and have the vision for it. But the, where we are at now is. Where God's directed us through either circumstance through opportunities, through different things that have been available, and you don't want to get stuck in stuck in a job just for stability.

[00:12:55] You want to get stuck in, in that, but that might be where it is. And you might find out that God's [00:13:00] calling you to do something else. And as you look at this, what, from a more of a macro view, you might find, Hey, there's some, there's some changes that that need to be made. Maybe there's something that God put on your heart that you have to start stepping more into, and it's going to require courage.

[00:13:12] It's going to require you stepping out to do some of that. And the second one, uh, Psalm 1 39 says, search me O God, know my heart, try me and know my anxieties and see if there's any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting. And this one is, uh, another one of, of searching of this. This requires reflection of, of letting, letting God in letting reflection into, uh, see what, where.

[00:13:38] Misalignment and not that we're necessarily doing anything wicked. And I know it talks about wicked ways, but a wicked ways might just be operating outside of God's will. And if, uh, if that means you're staying in a job just to, to play comfortable with play it safe and not pursue that thing that matters the most, then that's something that, uh, you need to reevaluate need to reflect on need Nita search and a [00:14:00] no, the, no, the, uh, The other opportunity that you have to pursue.

[00:14:04] That might be more in line with that. So as always guys, that's a very practical thing. You can walk away with the application thing here is to actually list these things out, list these different buckets out, and then for each of those money, time, impact and passion, and just take a, you'll get a macro view of where your vital signs are at.

[00:14:23] Uh, if you guys need any support on this, make sure to reach out. Uh, you guys can always text me. I love hearing from guys 7 6 0 4 7 7 4 3, 6, 1. And you guys can shoot me a text. And if you guys have any follow up questions on the episode, also, if you guys, uh, there's a few one-on-one coaching spots left, uh, I think down to two spots for the last quarter, a little more limited on my, my schedule with what we're taking on.

[00:14:45] So if you guys do want one of those coaching spots, just text coaching to that same number 7 6 0 4 7 7 4 3 6 1. And if you guys are local, uh, where we're looking at building. Uh, a local group here to, to do some life together, to build businesses [00:15:00] together, to build better men together here, around, uh, around San Diego county, even up into orange county.

[00:15:05] Uh, if you guys are in the local Southern California area, I make sure to shoot me a text as well. I just texted me local and, uh, we can connect and talk about some more opportunities for how we can, uh, how we can do life together. And, uh, build up, build up better labs, build up better businesses, build a better leaders together.

[00:15:21] So as always appreciate you guys keep crushing your week, keep crushing the rest of the day. Uh, looking forward to hearing from you guys and we'll talk to you soon.

[00:15:29] Thanks for listening today, guys, unbelieving that even if you apply one thing from today's show, you're taking one step closer to living as the man you were made to be meaningful change doesn't happen overnight. So keep showing up and keep consistent every single day until good things start to happen.

[00:15:45] If you haven't already taken 60 seconds to write a review on whatever platform you're listening on, it goes a long way in growing this podcast and reaching other men just like you, that are hungry for more than one. Did you have any questions on today's show, feedback [00:16:00] or content you want to see more of shoot me a text.

[00:16:03] Yeah, text me 7 6 0 4 7 7 4 3 6 1 at 7 6 0 4 7 7 4 3 6 1. Let me know that you're listening to it. And so I can personally thank you for your support of myself and the show. That's it for today, guys, it's time to raise your standard for yourself. Stop settling for just getting by, go all in on your passions in the life you were made for.

[00:16:27] I love you guys and talk to you soon.

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