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Having The Confidence To Follow Passions and Make The Leap Into Business with Jon Kosrow

May 20, 2021 Dr. Dave Paczkowski, PT Episode 150
Having The Confidence To Follow Passions and Make The Leap Into Business with Jon Kosrow
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Men Made for More Podcast
Having The Confidence To Follow Passions and Make The Leap Into Business with Jon Kosrow
May 20, 2021 Episode 150
Dr. Dave Paczkowski, PT

A lack of confidence keeps so many men from following their true passions or callings and going into business for themselves. Too many people focus on the risks, fears, and possible downsides at the expense of creating something truly great that can impact the lives of their families, future clients, and communities. Listen up to hear Jon’s story of overcoming the fears that hold people back from making the leap into business, and how he’s quickly built a growing community of raving clients through genuine relationships and service.

Connect with Jon on Instagram and Facebook at @jkstrengthandfitness or check out his gym at Or reach out with a text or call him at (224) 659- 0935. 

Business leaders! Join a community of like minded men pushing themselves to confidently grow their leadership across each area of life. Check out all the details at and apply for one of our limited FOUNDING MEMBER spots available to the first 10 in this group.

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A lack of confidence keeps so many men from following their true passions or callings and going into business for themselves. Too many people focus on the risks, fears, and possible downsides at the expense of creating something truly great that can impact the lives of their families, future clients, and communities. Listen up to hear Jon’s story of overcoming the fears that hold people back from making the leap into business, and how he’s quickly built a growing community of raving clients through genuine relationships and service.

Connect with Jon on Instagram and Facebook at @jkstrengthandfitness or check out his gym at Or reach out with a text or call him at (224) 659- 0935. 

Business leaders! Join a community of like minded men pushing themselves to confidently grow their leadership across each area of life. Check out all the details at and apply for one of our limited FOUNDING MEMBER spots available to the first 10 in this group.

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A lack of confidence keeps so many men from following their true passions or callings and going into business for themselves. Too many people focus on the risks, fears, and possible downsides at the expense of creating something truly great that can impact the lives of their families, future clients, and communities. Listen up to hear Jon’s story of overcoming the fears that hold people back from making the leap into business, and how he’s quickly built a growing community of raving clients through genuine relationships and service.

Connect with Jon on Instagram and Facebook at @jkstrengthandfitness or check out his gym at Or reach out with a text or call him at (224) 659- 0935. 

Business leaders! Join a community of like minded men pushing themselves to confidently grow their leadership across each area of life. Check out all the details at and apply for one of our limited FOUNDING MEMBER spots available to the first 10 in this group.

Men Made For More Podcast Episode 150- Having The Confidence To Follow Passions and Make The Leap Into Business with Jon Kosrow

[00:00:00] Dave: [00:00:00] Hey there mighty man. I'm your host, Dr. Dave Paczkowski founder of Men Made For More coaching, our business helps husbands level up their life. Their

leadership and their legacy in marriage and in business. The purpose of this podcast is to bring

together like-minded men that feel destined for big things in their life to provide you the

resources and community that you need to lead yourself, your family and your business.

[00:00:27] If you've ever felt overwhelmed, frustrated, lost, or alone on your journey to a better

and more purposeful life, you're in the right spot. You weren't designed to be average. So it's

time to quit living that way today. I'm giving you permission to unlock your true potential and

step into all that you were made for.

[00:00:45]All right, guys, welcome to the man-made for more podcasts, uh, joined with a good

friend, just an awesome individual here today, John eyes coming in in studio two a to record it.

So we're excited to bring it to you. [00:01:00] Uh, but just a quick update on our L three

coaching program that, uh, actually has a.

[00:01:05] Launching of this podcast episode just went live this week and, uh, there's going to

be info in the show notes there for anyone looking to join, a group of leaders are looking to level

up with other like-minded men in their business and their families in their households. Uh, if you

guys are interested in that, the link is all here in the show notes.

[00:01:23] And as always, you guys can reach out to me if you guys have any questions, but,

uh, had an over. That link to check it out and apply for a spot. If you guys are interested in being

a part of that, but, uh, without further ado on our episode for today, John, and I'm excited to

have you here, man. It's good to, it's good to see you in person.

[00:01:40] Kosrow: [00:01:40] Hey Dave, how's it going, man? Thanks for having me really

appreciate ya. Let me on the show. Yeah, no, it's going to be, it's going to be good. And is this,

is this that. The first, first podcast for you? It was the first one I'm on. I've listened to a bunch of

them. Um, I really, really like all that content that you have, and it really resonates with me a lot

of the topics that you brought up, um, just being a businessman [00:02:00] and an athlete, as

well as you know, into the exercise science field.

[00:02:03] I kinda understand a lot of which all the people you've had the on the show and kind

of what you've been talking about. Yeah, I appreciate that. And you're gonna, you're gonna

crush it. I've I've learned a lot from, uh, from you over the years. So it'll be, it'll be fun to share

that with our, with our listeners, but why don't we start give, give listeners just a little bit of a

general overview of your background.

[00:02:21] And you mentioned exercise science, uh, specifically with maybe athletic career.

What got you into the training field and then what, uh, got you into the business side of things as

well. Okay. As you know, Dave and I went to school together, back at Carroll university. I want

to play football on the same team.

[00:02:37] Um, he was an incoming freshman when I was a senior, so little guy on the team.

Um, we had a lot of fun playing football together. And then, um, when I graduated that, uh, with

exercise science degree, went back home, trained at a couple of big box gyms, um, Bally, total

fitness, fitness, formula, lifetime, um, things like that, and then decided to get my masters.

[00:02:58] Um, in exercise [00:03:00] physiology, I got prompted by one of my good friends,

Alex to, uh, shake the tree and, uh, do something a bit better or more with my life that, um, Just

the personal training. So I went back, got that, and then back at curl university. So I was actually

spent six years there. So just for, um, great, uh, great opportunity arose after that to move down

to Alabama and actually was a director of a strength and conditioning program, uh, down in

Birmingham miles college.

[00:03:26] So I kinda. Took over the athletic program there, um, train football, trained, uh, nine

or 10 different sports and had a great time down there. Um, Alabama is different culture than the

North, for sure. Um, a lot of cool people, a lot of cool food, uh, learned a lot about athletics,

learned a lot about how to manage an organization.

[00:03:45] So I think that was really, really cool experience for me. Um, led a lot of cool people

down there. And then, um, after three years just kind of missed my family, um, had to change

the scenery. So I come back up to Chicago and trained a couple of small, different gyms. So I've

used the big box [00:04:00] gyms train to some small gyms, a little studio gyms then decided

that I wanted to open up my own.

[00:04:05] You know, I learned a lot from a couple different, uh, business owners from the big

box gyms I was at and kind of compiled a lot of it together and, uh, decide to open up my own,

my own space. So, uh, four and a half months ago, right in the. Middle of COVID. I decided to

open up J K strength and fitness, um, and Villa park, Illinois.

[00:04:24] Um, so I knew that come by a Villa park, you'll stop by and say, hi, uh, it's a little

small training studio. Um, some athletics, a lot of fitness oriented. Um, I had a great time

opening it. Um, the reason I got into it, uh, I got pushed by my fiance, Maggie. I mean, I'm

thinking about doing a gym for myself for a long time and just never had that last little urge to, to

take the leap and just.

[00:04:49] Put it all out there. Give 110% and open my own space. You know, it's, it's scary. It's

scary taking something from nothing and purchasing a building or renting a building, purchasing

thousands of [00:05:00] dollars of equipment. I mean, I'll put in all your life savings on the line

and, and taking that chance, especially with the, the current state of the world.

[00:05:06] Um, you know, the COVID-19 vaccine or the, um, COVID-19 been terrible for the

United States and the whole world and the economy and everything. So it's just kind of scary

too. Put all that out there at, during the middle of it and hoping that people come to your gym

now, jump gyms, uh, suffered a lot during COVID with the protocols that were in place and mask


[00:05:27] And, um, just the thought of fitness and sweating in a gym with a bunch of other

people is really scary at the time. So. To take that leap of faith and just kind of go out there. It

was, it was a difficult situation. Um, but I gave it 110%, you know, God blessed me with the

opportunity and the building that arose.

[00:05:43] Um, the equipment purchasing was pretty easy. Um, I didn't have really any hiccups

from ordering the equipment, getting it in, um, assembling it, getting it all set up so that

everything went really smoothly that way, which I was very afraid, thankful for. It could have

been a lot worse for sure. Um, and then.

[00:06:00] [00:05:59] What also helped was the gym I was previously at, um, actually shut down

a few weeks after I left to open my own space. So my, I didn't start with zero members, which

has really helped out a lot. Um, I've had a couple of one-on-ones followed me from gym to gym,

um, from faithful clients, but then. When that other gym closed, a lot of those members came

over, which really helped boost my starting point.

[00:06:25] So it wasn't really at zero. Um, so that kind of initiated. And, uh, I actually just sold my

a hundred and second membership, uh, last week. So I have 102 members, vulnerable

members, uh, great people, the whole area as you're familiar with. And, uh, the Midwest of

Chicago's, uh, great people, great area, very, very into fitness.

[00:06:45] And, uh, I love every single one of them. That's so good. And I want to honor you for

making the jump in the middle of COVID despite the, despite the fear, despite the uncertainty

and, uh, I guess honored, uh, Maggie as well for, for being that one to give the, the push

[00:07:00] over the edge. But, uh, I, yeah, I know it's never easy and, and we've talked a lot of

business owners on the show and a lot of people listening are either in business looking to start

in business, looking to do something you're doing, and whether that's in the training field or

another field.

[00:07:12] Can be scary because you're, you're risking financial investment, you're risking

reputation or you're. And we tie self-worth to that of like, well, what if I fail? What if I put myself

out there? What if I go all in? And I set my family up for, you know, I've pushed my family back,

my financial future back, and there's all these things that, that worry us, that keep us from, from

really, really doing something great.

[00:07:34] And, uh, I know you said that Maggie was a big, a big catalyst for, for you being able

to take that step, but. What were you made if we talk, what were some of the things that were

keeping you, what were some of those doubts or that self-talk, or some of those things that, uh,

were getting in the way of you making that jump on your own, say for those couple of years that

you were thinking about it, uh, you hit the nail right on the head.

[00:07:55] I mean, fear of failure is a big thing. Um, I think with any entrepreneur [00:08:00] is

they have a great idea in mind. Um, they have a certain skillset that they know is needed. Um,

But uncertainty of having people follow you and having that financial support from either clients

or members or people that are gonna buy your product, um, is just scary.

[00:08:18] Cause you don't know. I mean, every other place you've been to, or if you have a

boss at a different gym or different, uh, business thing, um, they take the responsibility of.

Having to get the people into the door to purchase the product. But now when it's your

responsibility, um, it's just, it changes everything.

[00:08:35] It changes a lot. And, um, I have confidence in my skills and I've have master's

degree. I have over 10 years of experience in the field and I had to really rely on that and look

back at myself. And I built my confidence up to saying that I've, I'm passionate about what I do. I

am knowledgeable about what I do, and if I.

[00:08:55] Promote who I am and what I'm capable of. With an [00:09:00] honest and open

heart. I think people will be drawn to that. It's not fake. Um, I'm not a salesman. I'm a exercise

science person. I'm a physiologist that loves the human body. I know that I can help people

overcome their own fears of walking into the gym and not knowing what's going on or having not

having the body that they want or having an injury or something that I can help.

[00:09:23] Them overcome. Um, whatever's keeping them from living their best life or their

insecurities. And if I can't overcome mine, how am I supposed to be able to over help other

people overcome theirs? Um, so I. Got pushed. Like I said, by my fiance, she's like, you're you

have the confidence. You have the abilities, you have the education, you have the personality,

go for it.

[00:09:48] You got to go for it. And if you give it your 110%, if you're passionate about it, people

will follow the passion. Um, so you know, it just took a little shove and. It just, it worked out well.

And then I know it [00:10:00] doesn't happen like that all the time. Um, but overcoming the fear

myself to help other people is really what changed my mindset into.

[00:10:11] Making it happen and just got to give it 110% and push everything into it. And

financial, emotional passion, mental, you know, I'm showing up at five o'clock in the morning,

getting the classes ready to stay in there until eight 45 at night, making sure everything's clean,

making sure everything's set up for the people that come in to work with your train, with your, to

get better themselves in your.

[00:10:33] Gym or work area, um, really starts to show through the members of the clientele that

come with you. So they start to exude that passion. They start to have that work capacity. They

start to, um, buy into your product and it, it just kind of flows from there. Yeah, that's so good. I

love, I love how you summarize it about.

[00:10:53] You have to overcome your insecurities to help other people overcome their

insecurities. And too often, we let those [00:11:00] insecurities, those limiting beliefs, those, that

confidence get in the way of doing something that God placed on your heart for a reason. And

it's, it's like, it's, it's there, it's his passion that you have to follow, but holding that in and not

pursuing that purpose, Rob so many people of getting to.

[00:11:14] Receive the gifts that you've been given to, to train, to help people to, to do those

things. So I think that's awesome. I think is something that so many people, some people really

struggle with because they, those doubts come in and then they, like you said too of, well, I'm

not a, I'm not a salesman. I'm not this or that, but, but we, we tend to look at bad sales


[00:11:32] We look at bad business experiences and think like, okay, Well, everyone in

businesses is like that. It's like, no, you're just bringing your, like, you have this thing you're so

talented at. You're not going to have all the things figured out from a marketing standpoint, from

a sales standpoint, from all those things.

[00:11:45] But those things can be learned. And that's, you know, being around coaches, being

around mentors, being around these other people, to help you do that as a way to shortcut

some of that. But when you have this. Passion when you have the skillset and you have this

idea, it's like, you gotta, you gotta go for it at, [00:12:00] at some point, it's not like it's going to

get any easier the longer you wait.

[00:12:02] It's like, well, I'll just build my bank account up to this, and then I'll be ready here. I'll

get this house and then I'll be ready here. I'll find this, this person I'll be ready. And it's at some

point, it's just, we gotta jump. Cause we'll keep, uh, we'll keep justifying why we're not doing it,

but it's really just a form of procrastination on, on something, uh, that we, that we need to be


[00:12:18] And I'd love to hear from, uh, cause there's a lot of people out there that have this

technical skillset. That's. That they're really good at you with, with training, helping people get fit,

get strong, get back from injury, perform athletically at a high level. What's the, uh, what's your

marketing sales background and you had a little bit of the big box stuff, but has that been, is that

been a challenge?

[00:12:37] I mean, grown over a hundred members. That's a, that's a huge accomplishment and

in four months or something, uh, what, uh, what's your experience on that? Because I think

that's a big roadblock for a lot of people, especially in a training business or, uh, a business

where there. Really skilled, but don't know much about the business side of things.

[00:12:51] How have you had to navigate through some of that? Yeah, I think the business side

is what I struggled with. Um, I took, I think one business class back at Carroll, a [00:13:00] lot of

exercise science classes. So my whole expertise is the body and not business. Um, so I took a

lot from the big box gyms on sales aspect.

[00:13:08] Cause you do have to sell, if anyone who's worked at a lifetime or a fitness formula,

there is an aspect of selling that you have to do within personal training. Um, But if you're fake,

the people see that and then they don't buy into it. So you have to be a hundred percent

passionate about what you are, what you're doing and show people that you really do care

about them.

[00:13:30] And of course, I care about every single of my members, everyone that walks in

because I want them to succeed. Um, so if you take an, you could say a typical salesperson that

just wants to sell a product and not care about the person. Um, they'll hit a ceiling of Lahela

limit. But if you show that you really care about the person that actually walks into your facility or

your work area, I think there are a lot likely more likely to purchase your product or believe in

you, or believe in what you are talking about [00:14:00] or presenting to them and have a higher

opportunity of.

[00:14:04] Joining your membership or joining your gym, um, because of what you look like,

what you talk like, what you expose yourself and how you live your life, um, as your product. I

mean, that's a great thing about being a gym owner is I am one of my, my products. So if I am

not fit, if I don't eat healthy, if I don't live my lifestyle, how I want them to live.

[00:14:28] How can you follow someone? And how can you believe in trust in someone that's

not going to, is that willing to do the same things that you're willing to do or is telling you to do

so? Every single one of my members understands it. I cook my food on Sundays. I pack my

meals, I eat four or five times a day.

[00:14:43] I eat vegetables. I get the right amount of protein and I work out five or six days a

week. I get enough sleep. Or at least I try to, but as a business owner, it's kind of hard to do

that. Um, anyone out there and understands, um, but I walked the walk. I don't just talk the talk.

And I think if you walk the walk, it, it [00:15:00] shows a lot more than just talking to talk.

[00:15:02] So I think that's a great, um, Avenue that I've tried to keep in my gym is, um, Just like

my members, I have to do what I tell them to do. And, um, I think it goes a long way with the

trust aspect of, um, believing in the product and believing in JK strength of fitness. Yeah. And

believing in you. And that's, uh, when you put, when you pour into them like that, and when

you're, as, when you're as passionate about getting them results, as you are about getting them

into the gym and that's where, when you.

[00:15:32] When, what I hear when you're talking about sales person versus, you know,

someone who truly cares sales person, just trying to get people in the door or sell them. And

then not as worried about the fulfillment side, you're, you're more concerned about, Hey, are we

getting the results? If, if they're not being able to, you know, I guess pull people aside, like have

those conversations, have those tough conversations and, uh, you know, be able to.

[00:15:51] Like really walk them through that versus just being like, okay, cool. We got you in

now. You're a number, look at some of these big box jams. It's like, okay, cool. We worked so

hard to sign you up and then you [00:16:00] never, you never hear from them again. All of a

sudden the thousand emails started stop coming in, but, uh, let's uh, you know, from a, and I'm

just curious from a, like, from that fulfillment side, from building in that trust, what's, uh, what's

been one of the.

[00:16:15] You know, challenge is about, especially working with people in fitness of not

everyone probably has the same natural discipline you do has maybe the, the willpower, like

you've trained that over. I'm guessing since high school with sports or probably even, even

earlier, how do you meet people where they're at?

[00:16:30] So people coming into your business and whether this is in fitness or whether, you

know, we, we, as business owners, we have all this knowledge we want to share and it's like, I

know you can do so much better, but how, uh, how are you leading these people in a way that's,

uh, No, that's loving, but when, when you tough love, when do you, when do you pull back and

how do you help them get as excited about the results as, as you might be for them?

[00:16:50] Yeah, so there's tons of different variants that people that walk in my door, I get, you

know, high school athletes, college athletes that I have, the person who's never worked out

before, and doesn't even know what a dumbbell is. [00:17:00] Um, so I'm trying to bring

education back into fitness and back into, um, Being a healthy lifestyle or being in a high,

healthy lifestyle.

[00:17:10] So education is a big thing. Um, now, or paralysis by analysis is a big one. So I have

all this knowledge and I know a lot of trainers out there try to throw so much at someone so

quickly, they kind of get like foggy. I didn't have no idea what's going on nowhere. I don't know

where to start. So my big thing is, Hey, you stepped into a gym.

[00:17:30] That's that's step one. That's the first thing you overcame a fear or you. Something

changed in your life that you made a decision to go somewhere to better yourself. Um, so I talk

about their lifestyle. What are they currently doing and what they want changed? And I figure

out small little baby goals that can help them along their path that they want to get to the end

result, um, that are achievable.

[00:17:58] That they can either [00:18:00] add something into their life or take away something

from their life. I'm not all about just taking away, fast food, taking away, um, soda, taking away

cookies and cakes. But why not add something to your life that is beneficial. Add a little bit of

vegetables, add another two cups of water, add 15 more minutes of sleep.

[00:18:19] Um, and I usually make them come up with the goals that they think are attainable for

them. I have a bunch of stuff. I can tell him what to do, but if they come up with their goals, they

have a higher chance of actually sticking with them and accomplishing them. Other than me

telling them what to do, no one likes being told what to do.

[00:18:35] Uh, I could tell you to do this, this, this, this, and then you might go home and say,

well, I'm not going to do it. But if they come up with it and write it down, it's another big thing I

have them do is write something down. Um, I'm not, I'm an old school, not huge component of

iPhones and tablets and all that, but if you write it down, there's some sort of chemical in your

brain that gets released on memorization or remembering what you wrote down that helps you

towards whatever you [00:19:00] want to accomplish.

[00:19:01] Um, so writing things down, small goals, baby steps, and then also celebrating the

victories, I think is a really, really big thing. If someone loses one pound. Hey, that's one pound.

You're in the right direction. You're going the right way. Something's changed and you're doing

something right. That is heading towards your goal.

[00:19:19] If you gain a pound and you want to gain weight, Hey, you're still gaining one pound.

It's still in the direction you want. Um, there's all these fad diets to all these people out there that

post, Hey, I lost 20 pounds in one week. Hey, I gained five pounds of muscle in a day. Um, It

might be real from somebody, but we have all this Instagram and Facebook and no one knows

what the actual truth is out there, unless you are, you know, an exercise scientist or

physiologists or a doctor and know what the human body is capable of.

[00:19:49] Um, So any baby steps works, you have to remind them that progress is still

progress. How big or how small it is. Um, I do have a lot of people that, well, I only lost one. I

[00:20:00] lose five. I know so-and-so Jenny did whatever and they lost 10 pounds in a week.

Okay. Well, that's that person that you're something different.

[00:20:07] You're a different, complete different person. You have a different anatomy

physiology, but you're still headed in the right direction. Let's take. So you had. Lost one pound

in one week, let's go for two pounds in two weeks and three pounds and three, let's try to keep it

consistent. It might be, you might lose four pounds next week.

[00:20:22] You might not lose anything the next week. It varies. But as long as you're doing the

right things consistently, I don't see how it's not going to happen. And eventually will happen if

you stay consistent. If you stay dedicated small little goals and try to keep working towards the

end goal of what you want.

[00:20:38] And it's sometimes some people are, it's easy for some people it's not easy. I know

people have kids, people have jobs, people have a lot of things going on in their lives, but if they

can just stay. Uh, stick with small changes daily. Um, I don't see why change won't happen. Um,

either mentally, physically, emotionally, um, towards wherever they want and something, a lot of

goals aren't physical.

[00:20:58] A lot of goals are [00:21:00] emotional. A lot of goals are confidence. Boosters. A lot

of goals are changing the way you think they're all. Um, every goal is a goal, no matter what it

is. And there's a lot of aspects about fitness and strength training and. Um, eating healthier that

your mental and emotional status changes, uh, whether you realize it or not, whether that's a

goal of theirs or not, it, it just happens.

[00:21:22] It just happens. The confidence boost when you're able to walk into a gym and lift five

pounds and then four weeks later, lift 10 pounds, you've doubled your weight. And I try to

acknowledge that and. Tell people that, and not just have them understand, but other people in

the gym can understand it. And we all try to celebrate those.

[00:21:39] Any, any win that we get is a win. Um, so the comradery of having people. Um, being

held accountable, which helps out a lot, um, celebrate the little victories also helps out a lot and

then understanding that progress is still progress. And no matter how big or how small, like Dr.

Sue said, um, it's, it's still progress.

[00:21:58] And it's really amazing to [00:22:00] see people light up that. They've working

towards something and accomplishing something that who knows if they've ever accomplished

anything in their life previously, they might not have, um, you don't know where they came from.

You don't know their whole past, you don't know what their lifestyle is or anything like that.

[00:22:13] So it just kinda, it's cool to see people light up and, um, start to progress towards

whatever goal they want in whatever fashion they are. They're going towards, man. That's so

good. Those last, those last three minutes where we're just like spot on for, you know, in, when I

asked the question for just like, Leadership in general and, and helping to guide people to their


[00:22:34] And I think that stuff with health and fitness, I wanted to ask it because I know that

applies so much to, to other areas too. And too often as business owners, we, we set these lofty

goals, but we don't have the small goals to follow it up and we don't celebrate those wins. And

we don't, we don't see the big picture we get so hung up in like, Oh, it was a bad week in

business or good week in business.

[00:22:51] And we lose sight of that, that whole thing of like, Hey, this is going to take. Time to

build that big vision I'm after like this is going to take some time and whether that's self-talk

[00:23:00] where we're giving to ourselves or an employee we bring on of, of them getting

discouraged or them when we bring employees on no one's going to want to, no, one's going to

care about our business as much as, as much as we do.

[00:23:10] That's just the honest truth. We're not gonna bring someone in, who's going to care

more about our business and, and that's, uh, you know, same thing with, when I talk about you.

Can't care more about someone's health, like, but we have to find ways to get them bought in,

to build them up, to encourage them to do these things that can be with, with kids, with, with

spouse, with family members, with friends and our community.

[00:23:29] And that's just so much, so much good wisdom in those last few minutes on, on ways

to just motivate and encourage and lead because that skills that we have to have as, as

business owners, as leaders, as husbands and fathers, whatever, whatever season of life we're

in, those are things that we can. Uh, we can take and use to, uh, to help, uh, you know, build,

build our vision and build other people's vision that they have to.

[00:23:52] And it's it's, we can't just get so focused on, well, this is what I want, but it's like, how

are we bringing other people along to help them succeed? And the more we do that, [00:24:00]

then that's going to, that's just going to grow our, grow our impact and in so many different

ways. So yeah, I gotta take a lot of what I tell my clients that I got to listen to it myself.

[00:24:09] Like you're just saying the small nugget and I was saying the small wins. Um, a

hundred members, I celebrate a hundred members. It might be small now compared to the

future, but a win is a win, um, getting the equipment in at a certain time or making sure that the

doors stay open when the classes run or, um, I gotta, I gotta listen to my own advice.

[00:24:27] Small wins, consistency, dedication, changing things, making sure my business

adapts with the people that come in, um, taking out certain things I don't need and adding in

certain things that are going to make my business better for my members. Um, it's a consistent,

every daily daily activity that I have to do.

[00:24:44] I have to write things down. Otherwise I forget my mind's going in thousand different

places at once. Um, I have to write things down just like I tell my members write things down. It's

just, it's the way it's a cyclical thing that when. I tell my people one thing, they're almost telling

me the exact same thing to do with my business, so it [00:25:00] can kind of feed off each other

and they're helping me.

[00:25:02] I'm helping them. It's a whole cool little, a little, I don't want you to call it. I call it a

atmosphere and well, um, people helping people. Yeah, no matter what. And I said, I got

business owners that come into my gym. Um, I got an, I asked them questions. They asked me

questions on how things work and we kind of use each other to better our own businesses.

[00:25:20] And I help them out with whatever their businesses. And they helped me out with my

businesses that I need help with. And it's really cool. Um, how people actually care about other

people and want others to succeed. I want to, I want to congratulate you for that though,

because that's not something that just.

[00:25:36] Happens either. Like, I think you can take for granted, like, Oh, that's just a culture

that we have there, like that, that takes some intentionality to, to build that up. And whether you

realize it or not, that's. Probably secondary to your personality and to some of those other things

you've talked about of just caring for people and really buying into people.

[00:25:53] That's, uh, that's, that's something to be proud of because that's not something that

there's businesses that like love that. And they're [00:26:00] looking for, they're searching online

and hiring coaches for how do we, like, how do we create more of that, that culture. So just

know that something special that can be, uh, can be built upon too.

[00:26:08] Cause that's not something that just. Happens just because you have a hundred

members. So that's a, I think more of a reflection on, on the, like your personality and character

and what you've been, what you've been pouring into people. Thank you. I really, really

appreciate that my members are great and I love every single one of them.

[00:26:23] I think that the members can also help create the culture as long as, as well as, uh,

me and the other people that help me run my business. Um, so it's yeah, it's a whole. Hold

people as a whole, not just one individual that changes it. So I just want to, while my members

are going to listen to this, I told them all about everything.

[00:26:40] So congratulations members, thank you very much for everything you've done with

my, with the business. So yeah. Thank you for that. And I'm sure they'd love, love seeing,

seeing that too. And they want to rally around you because you have their best interest in mind.

They know you're not, they're not just, just another number.

[00:26:53] So that's a, it's super cool. And like I said, celebrating the a hundred. Members in the

first four months is, is huge. We took, you know, our [00:27:00] PT business. We, my wife and I

moved out to California, started a PT business knowing no one. And it did not ramp up that

quick. There was a lot of meet new people and get like a lot of Lindsey can testify.

[00:27:11] I think we did an episode on it. Maybe maybe a while ago. We'll, we'll see if we can

find it and look it up, but it was, it was hard going the first month. So that's a, that's a big

accomplishment, but I'd love to hear what, what are some unexpected challenges that have

come from from that? So you got you're up to over a hundred members.

[00:27:27] There's gotta be, there's gotta be some other challenges though that maybe you

didn't didn't see going into it. And I think that'd be super helpful for anyone listening of okay.

Four months in your past. Maybe past the honeymoon phase of like, okay, we at least got the

equipment and we got the doors open.

[00:27:40] We got the logistics, the business name is started. The people are coming in. They're

paying me money now. What are, what are some of the unexpected challenges or hurdles that

you've had to overcome? Uh, yeah, there's been a couple, um, a big one is, is this. COVID-19

virus and how to maneuver around it. I mean, I don't think this thing's going to go away anytime


[00:28:00] [00:27:59] Um, I hope it does just for everyone's sake, but maneuvering, um, and

kind of figuring out my gyms identity, there's kind of two ways open new businesses or

businesses you can go about right now is either they follow a hundred percent of all the

protocols and do everything that the CDC says and the guidelines, or they kind of.

[00:28:19] Go to what the members want because members are still paying. And I know there's

kind of two types of people that either want to wear a mask and don't want to wear masks.

Everyone knows that, and I'm sure a bunch of people don't want to wear them, but they have to

follow guidelines. Um, And it was a bunch of gyms out there that say, screw the mass.

[00:28:34] Don't do it because people don't want to work out with the mascot. It's much harder,

whatever. And people say, follow the guidelines and wear the mask because it helps protect

and, um, defined its uh, business's identity is difficult, especially in a gym atmosphere that

majority of people don't want to wear a mask to work out.

[00:28:52] So that was one hurdle I had really had to focus on is how do I make people follow

the CDC guidelines [00:29:00] or. I don't know what you want to call it. Um, abide by what the

rules are and stay as healthy as possible and protect exists. This is a health facility. You want

people to be healthy. You want people to be as healthy as can working out and following the

guidelines and making sure that we don't spread the disease in a gym atmosphere, um, by not

also making people upset at the same price at the same time.

[00:29:24] So, what I do in my gym is people can wear masks and I encourage them to wear

masks. If they have any sight or doubt that they don't want to get the virus, that's perfectly

acceptable. And I allow it. I don't make fun of them. I don't discourage it. I encourage it. But the

people who don't want to wear masks and work out, I don't.

[00:29:43] That's the same thing I don't discourage. I don't encourage it. Um, great thing about

my gym is out here. Three big Bay garage doors that I can open up and have a lot of fresh air is

technically only three wall gym. So there's, um, it's an indoor outdoor gym, if you want to call it

that. So it kind of goes by both guidelines to wear a mask and to not wear [00:30:00] masks,

um, inside, outside, because if they don't want to, they can go outside and work out, um, six feet


[00:30:06] And I have a lot of, um, Hand sanitizing stations and cleaning stations. And I'm going

to try to bide by all the CDC guidelines at the same time while keeping my members happy,

which is a difficult place to be, especially in a gym atmosphere. So I try to abide by everything to

keep everything happy and going along with how a gym is supposed to operate.

[00:30:25] Um, so that was a big hurdle, especially in this time of making everybody happy and

not upsetting a certain people at certain times, um, organizations and another big thing they've

had to run into. An exercise scientism that an organizational person I know about the body, but I

don't know how to keep files and I don't know how to schedule and how to make sure everything


[00:30:46] Time-wise. Um, So the organization has been big on keeping the influx of finances

organized, um, making sure that my equipment is organized. Um, if something breaks down

how to order [00:31:00] parts, if, um, keeping the cleaning schedule organized, keeping my

members organized, making sure that they're getting everything they need, um, from the

business aspect of emails and cell phones, and keep you up to date with what's going on in JK

strength and fitness.

[00:31:13] Um, making sure that Instagram's running. Smoothly making sure that the towels are

running smoothly and making sure that there's paper towels in the bathroom, making sure

there's soap in there and making sure know if there's a hole, so much stuff that goes into

business that unless you own it, you really don't see it.

[00:31:28] Um, so organization's been a big, big trouble for me. And so I have to, again, I have

to write things down. Today's my daily list of this is worth to check every single day. This is my

weekly list. I check this every single week. This is my monthly list. Um, so I have a bunch of

different lists that I follow in order to keep myself organized.

[00:31:44] Um, Because I don't think I learned that in college that wasn't a class in college was

organizational skills. I think if anyone listened to here as a professor, um, get a class going and

it's about organization, how to organize, um, in the changing digital world and how, you know,

iPhones and cell [00:32:00] phones and computers all work, um, and try and keep everything

sync and organized.

[00:32:03] So the organization has been a big, big thing. Um, Yeah. There's a bunch of little

hurdles that I hadn't understood about. Um, people coming into my gym, trying to sell me stuff. I

had no idea about that. I mean, I've had business people come in and trying to franchise my

own business before I even opened up.

[00:32:19] I've had people come talk to me about salesmen sales people and marketing people,

and everyone wants to have a part in your business. And it all sounds good. I mean, they're,

they're salesman. I almost bought a bunch of different things that sounded good to help my

business get off the, get off the. Bottom floor.

[00:32:36] Um, so understanding of what the purchase at what time, and if I don't absolutely

have to have it right now, I can also purchase it later on in a year or two years when my

business would need a. A big time marketing campaign, where a kid reach out with between,

you know, 5,000 and 10,000 people. Well, I'm still trying to focus on my members that I have

right now and not [00:33:00] influx, you know, 5,000 people at once because I can't handle that.

[00:33:02] And then I lose the personal ability that my gym is all about is knowing my members

individually, knowing what they want need. If I have too many people, I lose that aspect. Um, so

just kind of figuring out what I need at what time and keep everything organized as it's been a

big, big thing. Challenge, but, um, Again, Maggie, my fiance has been a really big help with that,

and she's much more business oriented and marketing oriented.

[00:33:26] So she's kind of helped me, uh, figure out exactly how to navigate that whole aspect.

Yeah, that's good. That's especially a problem for you. Talk the first four months of opening up

it's you don't have the, or you might not at the time have the ability to hire out delegate and do

some of those things of.

[00:33:44] Cleaning service and making sure all those things are being done. And, uh, you

know, at some point that's the next logical step to bring in, you know, bring in help so that you're

not. You can do what you do best and, and fulfilling on, on the training and the coaching and

being that, you know, the face of things versus having to like [00:34:00] change, change paper

towels, and make sure that emails are getting sent out.

[00:34:03] But in the early stages, it's just, it's doing everything to, you know, it's also good

though for people in those, in those early stages, because we've, we've learned a lot through,

through our business too, of having to do every part of it at some point. And then when you do

pass it off, you can better. Teach it, you know what, you know, what the expectations are.

[00:34:20] You've kind of gone through it of if something's not getting done, you've at least gone

through it versus handing something off that you've never done before. And it's like, well, it

could be, they're taking five hours to do it. I don't know if that's supposed to take 30 minutes or if

that's supposed to take 10 hours, like, is that right?

[00:34:33] Is that good or bad? But, uh, you know, in, in those early stages, it's, uh, I would say

a good place to be, but it's a, it's a place where a lot of people have to go through to do that

before they have the ability to hire coaches, hire, help, hire those things that can help shortcut

some of those, some of those decisions.

[00:34:48] But, uh, especially in a growing business, I'd love to hear like how have you had to

navigate between. You know, starting to run out, uh, run out of time for if you're already over a

hundred members, I'm guessing time's [00:35:00] running a little thin. And how do you, like, how

do you get, how have you figured out how to get time back?

[00:35:04] What time management stuff if you've been doing or what's, uh, you know, what are

some things direction wise of how you're going to eventually replace you? Because you're going

to run into a cap of how many people you can see. If you already have a hundred people

coming in to see you. At some point, that's gonna, that's going to hit a ceiling.

[00:35:19] Yeah, that's a difficult one. Um, especially in a small business, um, that's personal

oriented. A lot of people come into the business for, for me since I'm the only one that's running

it, there's, I'm the only face that they know. So they're purchasing a membership, becoming a

member of JK for me. Um, so I'm the one that they know the best.

[00:35:38] There's no one else. Um, I run seven classes a day from five 30 in the morning until

roughly eight 30 at night and five days a week plus weekends. Um, and I do a one-on-one

training on the side, in between those hours. And I also teach at, uh, Lewis universities on the

professor as well, an adjunct professor, which, uh, so there's a lot on my plate.

[00:35:58] A lot. Um, but [00:36:00] organizational skills have a lot to do with that. So time

management with making sure the classes are taken care of, first of all, and foremost, and

make sure my one-on-ones, um, get their times and per week that they want. And then for the

remaining two or three hours, I have to write down, um, like business time or scheduling time or

finance time to make sure my members.

[00:36:19] Um, although their dues are up or the membership dues are taken care of, um,

making sure that their meal plans are taken care of making sure that people who are on nutrition

plans get their nutrition plans. Um, so almost every hour of the day is scheduled as of right now.

And I'm looking forward to the future when, um, Someone can take some of that off my plate for


[00:36:38] But I have to make sure that all my members are still taken care of in the process of

that. Um, so right now my brother is kind of helping me out. Um, actually he's the one running

the gym right now and I'm in, uh, Carlsbad, California. So he's taken a few, uh, classes just to

kind of ease my plate in that aspect.

[00:36:53] So I don't have to. Closed the gym down. Um, but eventually I will have to hire out

and hire a trainer that I feel comfortable [00:37:00] with taking part of my business. Um, that's

the hard part is finding someone that's qualified, finding someone that's great personality that

loves people that loves fitness and really wants to dive deep and help people better their lives.

[00:37:14] Um, again, not just a sales person had someone just, just there for a job, which is

difficult to find. Um, so I'm still looking for that. And I think, um, trying to just think about six

months to a year is that cap where I'm really trying to. Grow my business as an individual now,

and then start to either expand the business or have someone come in and help so that I can

really focus on the members that I have and pour myself into them to make sure that they're

getting taken care of.

[00:37:40] Um, so it's, it's difficult and it's a lot of fun trying to figure it all out. I don't have it down

set. I mean, I've only been open for four or five months. Um, I'm still working every day to try to

time manage what I have. Um, I still had to spend time with my fiance. We're getting married

next year. So she's still, I have to fill her bucket.

[00:38:00] [00:38:00] Um, my bucket with my friends still get my workouts in and still getting the

gym atmosphere and still taste, spending time with my family. Um, it's just a lot of different

buckets that I have to fill and, um, like going back to organizational and just trying to keep each

one, um, as full as I can because they all feed off each other.

[00:38:16] If one of my buckets is, is failing. Um, Someone's gonna be filling my life, either the

gym, my family, um, my rest, my own health, or, you know, my fancy. Um, so that just kinda, it's

difficult to do. I don't have it down. I don't know if anyone ever really does. It's a consistent ebb

and flow of one's getting more attention.

[00:38:37] One's getting less attention. You've got to kind of figure out what needs, what at what

time? And it's a, it's a constant fun. Aggravating confusing, enjoyable adventure that that's

called life. I think, yeah, that was really good. And people think that that balancing is this act of,

you know, keeping like completely equal weight between the different buckets between right to


[00:38:59] When [00:39:00] in reality there's like, it requires us to get. Out of balance at times,

as long as we know when to, to shift back and get out of balance in, in the other directions too.

And if we take things like, you know, physically and in business, like there might be a time

where you have to shift a little more into business.

[00:39:14] That's going to take a look way out of, uh, either sleep or workouts or, or nutrition

and, and you can. You know, once, once you have that, that bucket down, that pillar down to a

certain degree, it, it kind of runs a little more on autopilot that allows you to get out of balance a

little more into business and say like, Hey, during the season, I'm going to have to get more into


[00:39:33] And I can't possibly start a business, have less stress sleep more and do all these

things. Like you said, it's just not possible. We have to willingly know when to choose and get

that out of balance and not let our, non-negotiables not let those things that mean the most to us

ever, ever get too far away and make sure we're continuing to pour into that because in reality,

we only have.

[00:39:50] So many hours a day. And if you're spending 14, 15, 16 hours at, at the gym, like

some something's got to, something's got to give and I'd love to hear. Is there been [00:40:00]

anything you've had to intentionally let go? Cause it sounds like you're pretty intentional with

making sure that friends and family and health and your relationship and all of these things are

your health.

[00:40:09] Obviously all of these things are, are staying afloat, but what's had a. Has there been

anything that you've had to let go of the same advice you give to your clients of, instead of

worrying about what to subtract it's when you add something good in like eventually that kind of,

uh, almost weeds out what, what might have to, might have to let go, but I'd love to hear if you

have anything that you've had to consciously or maybe without realizing it, uh, let go of or pull

back on.

[00:40:33] Yeah. Um, you know, I had my whole life set without opening a gym. And when you

add in a new business and the time it requires, um, My Netflix time has gone down. My relaxing

time has gone down. Um, sleep has gone down a little bit. There was a period of time when I

first opened up that my own workout time got cut down.

[00:40:53] Um, I still did it. It just wasn't an hour and a half. Like my, I like, so I had really had to

condense it and work [00:41:00] out in 30 minutes. So I just changed what I was doing. Still got

my workout in. I still got my meals in, um, and. Maggie to help me out with cooking meals.

Cause I usually cook myself, but I don't have the time for it.

[00:41:11] So she usually cooks it, which really helps me out big time. So I'm still getting my

calories in. If I don't take care of myself, how am I able to take care of my members if I'm

running low or if I'm slacking, if I'm tired, if I'm grumpy, if I don't have that, that energy that they

need to help them succeed.

[00:41:27] Um, so I got to really make sure that I have that going on. So a lot of relaxing time

has gone down. Um, I still spend time my family on weekends. I spend time with Maggie's family

and weekends. Um, it's just a lot, like I said, lower scheduling, a little more condensed time, so

I'm still getting it in. Just not as much as it was before.

[00:41:43] Uh, we only have 24 hours in a day. So in order to fit everything in, you just got to

make more quality over quantity. So the quantity is for sure, cut down in each individual space,

um, at certain times. So. The, if work needs more time, I'll have more quality time at work and a

little less [00:42:00] quantity time with family.

[00:42:01] But when it is family time, I'll make sure it's, it's really worth it. Um, same thing with

fiance time when it's fiance time and make sure that it's high quality time, because the amount

of it is, is cut down. So to make sure. Everyone's still getting what they need. I'm still getting

what I need. I just, you know, it's, it actually makes you appreciate the time you have with

whatever you're doing more because there's less of it.

[00:42:25] Um, so you gotta make account. I mean, every day that goes by as the day, you'll

never get back. So if you're able to enjoy that time that you have with whatever you're doing,

either the business, either your family, your kids, your fiance, your own health, uh, you learn to

do learn to appreciate it a lot more.

[00:42:40] And yeah. To not waste time on Instagram, scrolling through things and not waste

time sleeping in to not waste time, doing things that really don't matter in life is actually really

fulfilling because now, you know, what you're doing with your life really actually matters a lot

more, um, because people matter.

[00:42:58] I think bottom line of in [00:43:00] life is we're here for people. We're here to help

other people in whatever aspect they need. Um, emotionally, physically, mentally, whatever it is

I think in order to invest in people, no matter what you're doing is one of the best things you can

do on this earth and all the other stuff doesn't really matter.

[00:43:16] Um, so I think. Has happened in life is the social aspect has gone down, especially

with this COVID-19 is people aren't investing in people as much. Um, it's more cell phones is

more computers. It's more, um, watching TV, watching movies. So you're losing the connection

with people. Um, that's the most important aspect of, I think why we're here on this earth and

how to impact as most people as we can.

[00:43:39] So you increase the quantity or quality of it, decrease the quantity of it and still get

more out of it than you did before. that's so good. And couldn't agree more with the people side

of things. There's rarely going to be a regret that revolves around like, Oh, I wish I wouldn't have

invested into this person so much.

[00:43:56] And I wish I wouldn't have cared about this person. Like those things are, you know,

[00:44:00] things that we can't get back. And I can think of plenty of opportunities. I've missed

two and being a naturally selfish person that. It took me a long time to, uh, you know, to pick up

on it was head down in business. It was, it was head down, I'm working and at the expense of

Lindsay at times at the expense of friends and family of just like so immersed in work.

[00:44:18] And then it's like, well, what am I working for? And it's like, well, I'm working for the

future of my family and I'm working for the future of this and miss the point that it's like, Hey, this

is like right here. And now these. People need to be led and loved and served in the, in the now.

And that was something that actually COVID, you know, through COVID and, and through a

different people in my life and different things was revealed to me of the importance of like, Hey,

no, I need to start doubling down more on, on relationships.

[00:44:42] So I, I love, I love that you can circle back to that and love that. You know, even when

time is short, because relationships and people take take time and they're not predictable and

it's not, uh, it's not as predictable as, uh, you know, maybe our, our workouts or our, our work

schedule or something. But if we can be more efficient in those times and learn [00:45:00] how

to, how to bring more quality into it, then, uh, that's, uh, just a powerful recipe for still, still

making the impact without having to have hours and hours to be able to do it.

[00:45:09] Right for sure. And who knows what you can change in someone's life? You know,

10 minutes can change someone's day and then that day could change the aspect of where,

where their life is headed. And you don't know what that 10 minutes means to that other person.

Um, I have a whole bunch of high school kids that I train and I try to.

[00:45:26] Uh, give him as much attention as I can because who knows what 10 minutes of one-

on-one pure attention. Right. And do for their day in life or their football career or their basketball

career or what they'll remember, um, years and years down the road. So I know I have coaches

from eighth grade and high school and college that I remember 10 minutes of their time.

[00:45:46] They took out and just talk to me or explain something to me, or really dove deep into

what I was doing at that time. And I remember that. 10 15, 20 years ago. Okay. So who knows

what you can do to help, help someone's career help someone's [00:46:00] life in just a small

amount of time that you can really focus on them as a person, what they're going through and

how to help navigate, uh, whatever area of life that they're in.

[00:46:10] Yeah. And you, uh, You, uh, you live that too. And that's, uh, you know, as, as we

bring it back, somewhat full circle, that's, uh, you know, it's, it's hard for a new freshmen coming

into college football at a small school. And there's, you know, 21 year olds and 18 year olds.

There's a lot of like, Politics. And there's things that, uh, you know, can, like, we see that in high

school football, we see that in college football, but, uh, you know, you, you were always good

about taking people under your wing.

[00:46:36] I was, I was one of those people and that's the reason we've been able to stay in

touch too. Is taking someone under your wing and being like, okay, no, like this is, this is what

we do around here. It's not this like hazing stuff. It's not this, uh, you know, separation of like

we're seniors, you're freshmen.

[00:46:48] And I know that's, uh, can seem like a silly exit. Like we can look back and laugh at it,

but, uh, That, that that's something that you've always been, been intentional with too. And

that's, that's a reason that our relationship is still where it is [00:47:00] today. They come full

circle. That's pretty cool. That worked, I mean, as long time ago, but see, like, I made an impact

on your life for something, you know, 15 years ago, then something small, but, uh, you

remembered it.

[00:47:11] And I don't know if I helped you along the way. I hope I have. At some point you

remembered something I said, or I'll work out that I did that made you push through pain and

suffering and a leg day or squats, you know? In business where if something was painful and

you were suffering, Hey, I could push through this.

[00:47:26] I can squat 400 pounds as a freshman in college. Hey, I'm going to, I'm going to do

what I have to do with this business and keep on pushing through. And in the end you will

succeed. So it's was pretty cool. How, how that kind of all came about? Yeah, not even planned,

but, uh, I can think of not just one leg workout I can think of probably.

[00:47:41] 30 leg workouts that I can specifically remember that, uh, brought me close to that

point of quitting yet. Nothing's as hard as that is in business or these other things. That's all my

clients that all the time, if you can survive one of my late days, everything in life is going to be a

lot easier. That's so good.

[00:47:56] And as we wrap up, I'd love to hear. Yeah, I guess, I guess last [00:48:00] question I

have for you is so. Had the struggle with, with confidence with starting this business, you finally

make this, this leap. It's something that obviously, I sounds like one of the better decisions that,

that you've had to be able to go out on your own, have faith in yourself have, have faith that, you

know, God will provide and all these things will come together.

[00:48:17] What, uh, what advice would you give to. Say John five years back when, when

you're going through all these things, like what, what kind of things would, would you say to

encourage? Cause I there's, there's one side that I believe it's like, the timeline is perfect for it's

happening now for, for a reason and why you're doing it, but there's probably in the back of the

mind, like why would I, it would have, it's not as scary as I thought I wish I would have, would

have jumped into this sooner, but I'd love to hear, you know, in your words of what, uh, Yeah.

[00:48:43] What kind of, what kind of advice encouragement you would give to John of God?

Five years ago? Yeah. God's timing is perfect for sure. Um, I would have told myself to trust in

yourself, trust in your abilities, um, trust in the people around you. I mean, our support systems,

I [00:49:00] think are very underrated. Um, family's a big thing.

[00:49:03] Friends are a big thing. Coworkers are big thing that they'll, um, support you in your

dreams that they really do care about. You like fan good friends and good family. Do, they will

support you and help you out. And they don't want to see you fail. They want to see you

succeed. Um, Take take the leap, take the jump.

[00:49:18] Um, make sure everything's set. Don't just do it blindly of course. Um, make sure you

have your business plan set and make sure you have all the little details set up that you can set

your self up for success. Um, everything's not guaranteed for sure. And people do fail and

people businesses close up. Um, but if you have a good plan, a good solid plan, a good way of

execution, a good support system, um, and a.

[00:49:45] Future plan and passion towards what you really enjoy doing. There's a very small

chance you will fail. And if I get told myself that five years ago, that if you plan it out right, and

you plan it out well, and you have passion for [00:50:00] what you do, you will succeed. I

probably would have tried to do it five years ago.

[00:50:04] Who knows if I would have succeeded or not, but, um, it happened now and now's

the perfect timing and just take it and run with it, you know, pour yourself 110% into what you

do, make sure you have a hundred percent passionate and do it. And, you know, life is life and.

You will succeed if it's meant to be.

[00:50:22] And I think a lot of things in life are meant to be, and we're the ones holding

ourselves back from becoming a true people, uh, from our true potential and our true passions

to, um, become a better future. So don't let yourself hold yourself back and just go with it. Yeah,

I love all that. That's so, so well said and the advice that, uh, we needed to hear, but, uh, we

eventually get there, uh, on a, on a different time, but I agree.

[00:50:46] There's a lot of things that we hold ourselves back on and where we're the ones

driving with the brake on and, and keeping us from. Getting to that, that next step and not just in

financial or business success or a better, better battery or anything like that, but just growing

into that better, that better [00:51:00] version of ourselves that we will never fully achieve.

[00:51:03] It's an ongoing thing, but, uh, working in the, in the right direction for that. Right. For

sure. That's it. So, man, John, so good. I, uh, I appreciate you. I appreciate you, uh, pouring into

me back out on the, how many years ago now, but as a little freshman, I know we don't have

the, the video up for this one in person, but, uh, You are, John's a beast of a man that, uh, he's,

he's gotten bigger.

[00:51:25] I think since, since football and I, uh, I've definitely gotten a little smaller, so it's, it's so

good to see him person, man, where can, where can people reach out to you? Where can,

where can they find you both locally, locally, and then, uh, anything on social as well? Yeah. My

social media is a JK strength and fitness, on Facebook, on Instagram.

[00:51:43] Um, my gym is located in Villa park. Illinois or outside of Chicago? Um, my cell phone

number is (224) 659-0935. I have no problem. Text me, call me, reach out, send an email. Um, I

love hearing from people. I love answering questions. Um, like I said, I'm bringing trending

education [00:52:00] bachelors, like Dave to the fitness industry and just to help people out.

[00:52:03] So, um, definitely reach out. Um, I'd love to hear from you. And stop by the gym. If

you're ever in Chicago land area would be great to see it. We'll get a workout in. Um, Dave and I

were about to go do a leg day right now. So you might hear from him in a couple of days. Yeah.

Walking by next step podcast episode yet.

[00:52:19] Awesome, Dave. Thank you. Appreciate your having me on here. It's been great.

Um, I just traveled out to Carlsbad first time in California. So it's great. Love it. Um, he's really

got a cool thing out here, so it's really awesome to see. I'm very happy and proud and great to

be a part of his life. Yeah.

[00:52:32] Appreciate you, John. And can't wait for a J K fitness to make its way out to Carlsbad

as well. Thanks so much for coming on my man and, uh, I know listeners are going to get a lot

out of this and, uh, your, uh, your gym members are lucky to look at to have you thank you very


[00:52:45]Dave: [00:52:45] Thanks for listening today, guys, unbelieving that even if you apply

one thing from today's show, you're taking one step closer to living as the man you were made

to be meaningful change doesn't happen overnight. So keep showing up and keep consistent

every single day [00:53:00] until good things start to happen.

[00:53:02] If you haven't already taken 60 seconds to write a review on whatever platform you're

listening on, goes a long way in growing this podcast and reaching other men, just like you, that

are hungry for more in their life. Do you have any questions on today's show feedback or

content you want to see more of shoot me a text.

[00:53:19] Yeah, text me (760) 477-4361 at (760) 477-4361. Let me know that you're listening to

it. And so I can personally thank you for your support of myself and the show. That's it for today,

guys, it's time to raise your standard for yourself. Stop settling for just getting by, go all in on

your passions in the Lightroom made for a lot of you guys and talk to you soon.

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